Using ICTs in school: need some convincing?

Coming back to the list of  36 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Be Able To Do that I’ve been trying to address, I have created an artifact to help address number  5. Explain how and why to use technology to those who don’t use it.

While this is aimed at helping teachers understand what can be done with ICTs in the classroom, it may inspire others, too, with ways in which using ICTs can enhance their own work, home or social activities. Have fun!

This is the link to the artifact I have made.

4 thoughts on “Using ICTs in school: need some convincing?

  1. Jennifer,
    I just wanted to say i enjoyed viewing your artefact . The animation you used was really entertaining and it is not a program that i have come across before and i look forward to using it in the future.

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  3. Hi Jenni,

    WOW what a great artefact and thankyou for your support. I love the way you have integrated many different types of technology into the Weebly. I have not used Weebly before but I think it is something I wll try out very soon based on your excellent results.


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