Just not getting it.

I am in the midst of putting together another assignment. I am stressed. I don’t know what I’m doing. I think I’ve been planning all wrong. Don’t panic – this is how I always am, and somehow it all works out.

Looking at assignment 2 for this course, I thought – I can do that, no worries! Then came the template, and I am swimming in circles. I am writing this not to complain about it – I’ll do that to my husband. I am writing this so I don’t forget how utterly lost I feel at the moment, so that when my students come to me in a panic and full of bewilderment, I can empathise. Even if I’ve explained what they are to do clearly, and many times over, it’s still OK not to get it. And it’s my job to explain in all again, in a different way, until they do. I love my daughter’s teacher’s style. My daughter was in a panic at one point because she didn’t get something, and Miss A said to her “Why are you crying? Don’t cry – if you don’t get it, it means that I’m not doing my job properly. You’d better give me that tissue – I’ll have a cry!” And it was all OK. As indeed this assignment will be.

By the way, I have noticed I’m not the only one struggling. Take a look at my classmate’s take on our plight. I’m sure she’ll do wonderfully though.

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  3. Thanks Leah. All the best with your unit plan too. It will be great to put some of these new ideas into practice sometime, but daunting as well. Hope you get some good opportunities on prac!

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  6. Wow, Jenny! I would never have taught about personal or children’s frustrations and hiccups this way, not to mention respond to a child that your daughter’s teacher had! I am having a mini enlightening moment actually! I still have a lot to work on myself, definitely πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing this.

    Haha, I am going in circles too by the way, but as you said I am sure it will turn out all right in the end.

    Best regards,

    p.s: I guess at the tertiary level, lecturers can’t be ‘having a cry’ for us when we can’t get it eh? hehe just a funny thought.

  7. I love your take on that Jenni! Your daughter is very lucky to have a teacher like that and I hope that I too have that patience with my own students. Unfortunately it doesn’t always come so easily with our own children, does it?
    You will do fabulously with your assignment, look back on this post and smile! πŸ™‚

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