Eggcellent learning

Children and mess. I don’t know about you, but these two things go together, to my mind, like peas and carrots (Thanks Forrest). So when I spied these ideas for lessons which involve dropping eggs, I just knew that they would be winners when it came to the kids involved. I don’t mind a bit of messy fun either, so if you’re game, check out these ideas for investigating: ways to use different materials to protect the egg, using different containers for protection, using forces (try a parachute?) to slow the egg’s fall or cushioning the fall of the eggs with appropriate materials. Whatever you choose to do, the links to the Australian Curriculum: Technologies are evident. Check out my Pinterest board for relevant descriptors from the Australian Curriculum, and for other teaching ideas.

egg drop

egg in tennis ball

bubble wrapped eggs

rubber band eggEgg-Drop2

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